I thought that after our implementation was complete we wouldn’t have contact with Leap the Pond. That couldn’t be farther from the truth – Leap the Pond’s Customer Success Manager schedules quarterly calls with me to see how we are doing with Sage Intacct. These calls have proven to be indispensable. As we grow and expand our use of Sage Intacct, we have had questions that Leap the Pond has been able to resolve quickly and efficiently. Leap the Pond has exceeded my expectations.

Travis Craft
CFO, Cingo

Leap the Pond provided a smooth implementation on behalf of Sage Intacct. Their team was a knowledgeable resource, providing patience and best-in-class service.

Ed Strong
Controller, VirMedica

Accounting was an accidental blessing to our company-wide technology upgrade. Before Sage Intacct we could not get a real-time status of our financials and our accounting department was doing a lot of manual entries. Now we have real-time visibility and transparency to our financial results from anywhere. It has completely changed our business model.

Jeff Wallace
Scheduler, United Fire

Leap the Pond was instrumental in helping us realize we can implement the Sage Intacct Contracts Billing and Contracts Revenue Recognition. They were very responsive and kept us on track with our big picture goals.

Elliot Goldman
Controller, Rapid Ratings

During the sales process, the Leap the Pond team promised that Sage Intacct would deliver complete transparency to our donors and flexible financial reporting and analysis using their Dimensions feature. After implementation and running our financials in Sage Intacct, Leap the Pond delivered on all their promises.

Mike Griffiths
Financial Systems Advisor, Cambodian Children’s Fund

Sage Intacct provides the ability to quickly report on data trends and understand what’s driving our business. Having multiple locations that can report real-time metrics makes a difference on the bottom-line.

Eli Rubinfeld
CPA, Director of Finance , Preferred Care

I see our work with Leap the Pond as a long-term relationship as well. I think when someone is asked, “Would you ever recommend software or a company?” The best value of that is being able to say, “Yes.” I have no hesitation in recommending Leap the Pond. And I have done so and will continue to do so. I’m more than happy to talk through my experiences with other businesses, not just Australia-based but other businesses as well.

Steve Hilton
CFO, Agworld

“Leap the Pond has helped us successfully move to a cloud-based Sage Intacct implementation and transition from manual data entry to simplify our accounting processes. Sage Intacct has had a profound effect and, as we continue to grow our business, we can rely on Sage Intacct to support our needs on an ongoing basis. The Leap the Pond team advised us how to effectively utilize Sage Intacct to our maximum benefit. It was a real pleasure to work with a support team that was both amenable and patient throughout the process.”

Nicholas Can
Accounting Manager , Bombora

“Leap the Pond has encyclopedic knowledge of Sage Intacct and they were able to help us solve a very difficult systems challenge.”

David Wohlwend
CFO, Modsquad

“Leap the Pond is a valued resource providing back office and accounting services, which allow us to focus on growing our business at The Local Vault. Andrea and Leap the Pond have worked with us to create a financial system that captures information in a way that supports us and can be modified as our needs and services have changed.”

Patricia Espinosa
Founder, The Local Vault