Sage Intacct Modules

Core Financials

Sage Intacct’s Core Financials includes general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, order entry, purchase orders, time and expense management, and comprehensive reporting and dashboards. Core Financials can be used in combinations with Sage Intacct’s other Add-On modules or in conjunction with the third-party solutions you are using to run your business for billing, POS, or order entry, etc.


Multi-Currency and Global Consolidation

Sage Intacct’s Multi-currency and Global Consolidations supports growing, multi-entity environments that need currency conversion, inter-entity transaction processing, local tax reporting, and financial consolidations.


Contract and Revenue Management

Sage Intacct’s Revenue Management eliminates the need for using spreadsheets to separate revenue recognition and billing and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements of SEC, FASB, and AICAP and other accounting standards. Sage Intacct’s Revenue Management will also help prepare your organization for the transition to ASC 606 and IFRS 15 with dual reporting.


Project Accounting

Sage Intacct’s Project Accounting streamlines the entire billing process for organizations that invoice for projects on a time and material and/or milestone basis and delivers comprehensive metrics in areas like project profitability and resource utilization. Project Accounting allows employees to report their time and expenses, project managers to assign resources and approve time, and billing managers to easily generate invoices by customer by project.


Salesforce Integration

Sage Intacct’s product level integration with Saleforce delivers unparalleled support of the order-to-cash process. New account information along with closed opportunities are pushed to Sage Intacct to create sales orders, financial information (e.g. status of payment) can be pushed back to Salesforce, and renewal opportunities can be set up in Salesforce – all without the need for manual data entry.


Value-Added Tax Program

The Value-Added Tax (VAT) Program is designed to fulfill requirements of calculating VAT, recording the transactions on the ledgers of the company, and reporting VAT activity to the taxing authorities.


Inventory Management

Sage Intacct’s Inventory Management supports the creation of a seamless chain of transactions from requesting quotes from vendors to receiving the merchandise into warehouses to invoicing customers. Inventory Management enables users to receive, transfer, ship, and adjust inventory and in turn, give employees real-time access to balances and availability across multiple locations and product lines.


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“In the fall of 2014, Leap the Pond painted a vision of what we could accomplish with a cloud-based ERP from Sage Intacct. That vision has been realized.”

David Wohlwend
Senior Director of Finance and Accounting, Modsquad


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