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In the News: The Entrepreneur Way

David Furth sat down with Neil Ball from The Entrepreneur Way and discussed his professional journey. He shared his best advice to other entrepreneurs, how to develop culture in your business, and his secrets to success.

David’s secrets to success:

  • You need to have incredible focus
  • You should have a plan
  • You need to have a willingness to invest in the infrastructure of your business

David also discussed the one thing he’d do with his business if he knew he wouldn’t fail: he’d have the right foundational infrastructures in place (i.e. the right accounting software, the right CRM, etc….) Having the right structure from the start would have helped me focus on developing my products and working with my customers.

Quotes from David’s podcast:

“Being incredibly focused, having a plan in place and a willingness, and this goes counter to what you’re going to hear from lots of people but a willingness to invest in your business, meaning the infrastructure, everybody is going to invest if they’re developing a product but I think the idea of investing in the infrastructure that is needed, that foundation, you can’t build a building without a solid foundation”

“Every meeting should have a plan, and if you want to be productive every single day and every hour of every day given how long we spend in meetings, having that agenda and that agenda for that meeting and how you’re going to achieve that objective is absolutely huge and so for us when we create an invite for a meeting we ask people to include what the objective is and at least sort of 3 agenda items, what is it we want to accomplish in the next 30 mins, the next hour, and then coming out of that meeting there should be action items with specific assignments”

“Just because you’re a great baker does not mean you’re going to be a great owner of a bakery, just because you’re a great consultant does not mean you’re going to build a great consulting business”

Listen to the whole podcast here.