Outsourced Accounting For Pharma and Biotechs

Leap the Pond will focus on the accounting allowing you to focus on your product development

Leap the Pond can manage your accounting requirements for your recently funded Pharma or BioTech company. We have experience working with companies like yours from pre-revenue status through commercialization, both private and public.

Many new pharma/biotech companies on the road to commercialization, have received funding to further develop their product as the companies work towards FDA approval. Often, this funding requires additional responsibilities for these companies and accounting departments are often not part of the initial set up. Let Leap the Pond take care of your accounting needs through our Outsourced accounting offering.

Our experience, along with your plans for your new products, will enable you to focus on the technical and medical aspects of your business while providing you the visibility into your financial activities from wherever you are.

We provide this support to you using Sage Intacct’s Accounting platform. Because it is cloud based, you have access to your financial information from a variety of devices.

  • Payments
  • Reports
  • PO’s

We will be the contact person for your auditors and tax preparers, as well as other vendors as needed.

Our pharma & biotech offerings are designed to align with your R&D cycle. Our packages are:
  • Industry standard Chart of Accounts, which can be modified based on unique needs and requirements
  • Tracking of preclinical contracts and spend management, using dimensional reporting
  • Budget to actual reports
  • Cash out reports
  • R&D tracking for federal and state tax credits
  • All of Phase 1 plus
  • Tracking of clinical trial contracts
  • Investor reports
  • Reforecasts
  • All of Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • Upon reaching commercialization, development of process for tracking/reporting inventory in the manufacturing process
  • Inventory management
  • Increased reporting metrics
  • Sunshine report tracking


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